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    Portia Juliet Balcony

    Portia Juliet Balcony – Steel

    Origin are a leading UK Juliet Balcony Supplier. We are delighted to introduce our Portia Juliet Balcony range which is one of our most popular Juliet balcony systems. The Portia Juliet Balcony is easy to install and provides the perfect frame for any balcony. With the Portia Juliet Balcony there are no vertical posts which allows you to enjoy uninterrupted views from your window. We supply everything you need for your Juliet balcony including the Juliet balcony glass at competitive rates.

    The Portia Juliet Balcony comes in a wide range of sizes, by the 100mm from 1 metre wide to 2.4 metres wide. In terms of design/style, it is also known as a metal tube Juliet balcony or a steel tube Juliet balcony, Juliet Balcony Railing. It is easy to order online, just select your balcony width and add to the basket. All the Juliet balcony fixings and glass are included. Prices start from just £415 plus VAT.

    We are often asked, do I need planning permission for a Juliet balcony?! The answer is mostly no, read our page on this subject.

    How do you measure for a Juliet Balcony? If you are unsure about how to measure for a Juliet Balcony, please read our page on this. If you would like some further guidance on this, our technical team are on hand at the end of the phone or email to help.

    Read our outstanding reviews.


    Portia Juliet Balcony Technical Information

    • Calculations for the tube and cap rail can be provided on request
    • Designed for outdoor use, it is sold in grade 316 stainless steel
    • All products can be supplied in grade 316 stainless steel on request

PLEASE NOTE: Measurement is taken from outside of profile to outside of profile.

Skyforce Top Mount according Test BS 6180 (0,74 kN/m)Tested to Aluminium
1000mm 12.76mm 300mm – 1100mm
1700mm 16.76mm 300mm – 1100mm
3000mm 21.52mm 500mm – 1100mm
(According test BS 6180) Tested on the basis that the minimum thickness of the aluminium frame is 1.4mm.   FIXING TO PVC FRAME SkyForce Top Mount Tested to Plastic According to the German Standard ETB Directive
1600mm 12.76mm 700mm-1200mm
2100mm 16.76mm (17.52) 900mm-1200mm
2600mm 21.52mm 800mm-1100mm
Tested on the basis that the metal insert in the frame is a minimum of 1.5mm in thickness. I attach a copy of the test report which is in German but which I think we can include anyway.   FIXING TO STEEL OR CONCRETE Skyforce is fully tested at a height of 1.1m up to a width of 3m when fixed to steel or concrete.
Glass H = Glass Height L = Glass Length Working Line Load
6.62 min. 300mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
6.62 min. 500mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
8.84 min. 300mm < 500mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
8.84 min. 500mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
8.84 min. 600mm - max. 1100mm max. 1700mm 1.5 kN/m
8.84 min. 300mm < 600mm max. 1700mm 0.74 kN/m
10.10.4 min. 300mm < 500mm max. 500mm 3.0 kN/m
10.10.4 min. 500mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
10.10.4 1100mm max. 3000mm 0.74 kN/m
10.10.4 min. 300mm < 1100mm max. 3000mm 0.36 kN/m
FIXED TO TIMBER OR STONE/BRICKWORK   No test data available.   For more comprehensive test data, click here
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